Centric Wallet

A new class of Crypto Wallet

Lighting Fast Transactions

Send and Receive payments on-chain in seconds, powered by the TRON network.

Easily Convert
between Tokens

Seamlessly convert between Centric Rise and Centric Cash in seconds. Converting is decentralized and controlled by the Centric smart contracts.

Best in Class Security

Rest easy knowing your crypto is secured with the world’s most trusted crypto wallet. We give you full control, back up your funds, and protect them from unauthorized access.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Centric Wallet is the official wallet for the Centric Rise and Cash cryptocurrencies providing customers with best in class security, Centric native features, and powerful user experience.

The Centric wallet is a cryptocurrency wallet that allows you to safely store your Centric Rise and Centric Cash tokens. 

Over time we’ll add a variety of features and services which are native to the Centric Rise & Cash tokens.

  • Web (Beta Live)
  • Mobile iOS & Android (Q3 2020)
  • Desktop Software (TBA)

You can easily reset your password by clicking the forgot password link on the login page and follow the instructions.

To recover your 2FA please contact support. You will need to prove your identity.
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