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Centric Wallet Questions

The Centric Wallet is the official wallet for the Centric Rise and Cash cryptocurrencies providing customers with best in class security, Centric native features and powerful user experience.

The Centric wallet is a cryptocurrency wallet that allows you to safely store your Centric Rise and Centric Cash tokens. 

Over time we’ll add a variety of features and services which are native to the Centric Rise & Cash tokens.

No, storing your Centric tokens on the Centric Wallet is completely optional. Centric tokens should be supported by any wallet that supports TRC-20 tokens.

Centric will publish a list of supported wallets soon, for now it is best to reach out to the Centric community to discuss the best wallets to store your Centric tokens.
You can easily reset your password by clicking the forgot password link on the login page and follow the instructions.
To recover your 2FA by logging in with your wallet email and password. When you are prompted to enter your 2FA you can click ‘Disable 2FA’ and follow the steps. Please note, after disabling your 2FA your account will become temporarily limited for security purposes.
Updating email address is temporarily disabled.
You get 5 free transactions on the Centric Wallet daily, once you hit this limit you will be prompted to credit your Centric address with some TRX to cover the additional transaction costs.
Access to private keys is disabled. If you would like full control of your wallet you should send your tokens to a different TRC-20 enabled wallet which allows private key access.
You don’t need to KYC to open an account, in the future as we roll out additional services some features may require you to KYC to access additional functionality.
KYC stands for ‘Know Your Customer’ and AML stands for ‘Anti-Money Laundering‘. It is the process of a business identifying and verifying the identity of its customers. This regulatory process is becoming more and more common in the crypto space.
If you detect unauthorized transactions on your wallet please get in touch with the support team. It’s important you keep your password and ensure you turn on additional security features. Another important tip is to use a unique password and never give it out to anyone.
Given Centric’s decentralized status it’s very important you secure your account with additional security to ensure it’s not possible for anyone to send unauthorized transactions. The team has no ability to secure your wallet for you or prevent unauthorized transactions if you lose access to your account.

We have a feature-packed road map for the Centric wallet which will be released over the coming months and years.

A few of the features to expect;

Centric Gift Certificates – A great gift to give to a friend or family member. Send digitally or print out and give in person. Users will be able to scan in the certificate and redeem the Centric Rise.

Profit Center – Simply track your holdings and investment in the project allowing you to easily see the performance of your holdings.

Tap & Go – Purchase goods over the counter with your phone, payment confirmation in less than 4 seconds.

Family Accounts – Add the ability for the people closest to you to access your account. Set limits to keep funds safe yet accessible.

Multi-Platform Linking – Link different platforms types to a single account.

Centric Business Wallet – Accept Centric Rise as a form of payment, once verified you’ll be placed on the Centric Radar so customers can easily find your business locally.

Advanced Security Features – Some of the best security features will be available to Centric Wallet customers to protect your funds at all times.

Centric Key – A 2FA hardware key that you can carry around with you to add an additional layer of security.

Centric Notes – Print out Centric Notes, load them with Centric Rise. Great for situations where you need to buy something and your phone died or the internet isn’t available. If you have $10 loaded to a Centric Note and buy something for $8, the balance will be returned to the address that loaded the note.

White Zone – KYC and white list your address into the Centric White Zone allowing you to gain access to a range of additional products and services.

Centric Radar – Find local businesses that offer products & services in your area.

These are just some of the future features that will be available to Centric Wallet customers.

The Centric Foundation will put together a detailed road map in the coming months and release it to the market.
At the moment, you are allowed 1 wallet per email address. In the future, it will be possible to add additional addresses to a single account.
Your account may have become blocked for security reasons. Most of the time this will be only a 24 hour block. If you have any questions, contact Centric Support.

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