Financial freedom without volatility


Each hour the Centric Rise token price increases in value which is published to the blockchain yearly in advance. Creating unparalleled incentive for investors to join early while the Foundation establishes financial infrastructure. View future price.



Centric Rise is powered by a decentralized TRC-20 smart contract on the Tron blockchain.


A key economic element important to the long term stability of the Centric Rise Token. Over time Centric Rise will become extremely rare.

Frequently Asked Questions

Centric Rise is a TRC-20 token on the Tron Blockchain. It is the first deflationary cryptocurrency that rises in value each hour. As more adoption is achieved the rate of growth is reduced.

Centric Rise is a deflationary cryptocurrency that goes up slowly in value each hour. Some unique features to the Centric Rise TRC-20 token are;

  • Burn – Critical to the deflationary economic model tokens are burned out of circulation reducing overall supply each hour.
  • Price Blocks – The Centric Foundation monitors network stability, growth, adoption and a number of other core metrics to set future price growth which is focused in the early stages of development on network adoption and incentive.
  • Convert – Allows uses to convert between Centric Rise & Centric Cash tokens.
  • Send & Receive – A stable form of payment to anyone in the world in seconds.
  • Limited Supply – Max supply 1,000,000,000 (1 Billion)
The number of Centric Rise in circulation can only ever decrease. For up to date token metrics view the token metrics.
Burning Centric Rise is an important part of the economic model built into Centric. There are currently two ways Centric Rise is burned.

Centric Rise Contract
In order to mint Centric Cash, Centric Rise tokens are held in security. As each hour passes a percentage of Centric Rise held in security is burnt equal to the % hourly change in the price of Centric Rise.

Partners & 3rd Party platforms 
When you use or perform certain actions a small percentage of Centric Rise is burned. Centric Foundation negotiates these terms with partners in order to add additional value to the Centric network over time.

The units of Centric Rise decrease overtime.

The Centric Foundation tracks a large amount of analytical data and uses this in combination with future forecasting to predict the adoption and growth of the Centric network. Over time we slowly reduce the incentive (monthly growth rate) to join the network which ensures the sustainability of the Centric project long term. Important to this theory is the constant development and adoption of the Centric Rise token and its usability as a global currency long term. 

Where can I use Centric Rise?

These are all TRC-20 compatable wallets that support Centric Rise (CNR)