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Learn the basics of Centric

Centric is a cryptocurrency economy where supply reacts to demand.

In the Centric economy there are two tokens, Centric Cash and Centric Rise

Each token serves a different purpose. Centric Cash (CNS) provides liquidity, facilitating the flow of capital in and out of the economy. Centric Rise (CNR) is a store of value used within the economy.

Hold CNR, Trade CNS

CNS and CNR are interchangeable

CNS is created and burnt in exchange for CNR, each CNS in circulation requires $1 USD of CNR to be held as security.

Changing between CNS and CNR is governed by the Centric protocol which enforces a predetermined exchange rate. The exchange rate updates hourly and is set 1 year in advance by the Centric Foundation.

Centric assets are interchangable

The supply of CNR decreases every hour

CNR held by the Centric protocol it is burnt hourly equal to the exchange rate change. This regulates the supply of CNR to bring it in line with the demand for liquidity in the economy. When there is more CNS in circulation, CNR burns faster.

CNR is deflationary

This stabilizes the Centric economy over time

The Centric economy is in equilibrium when the trading price of CNS is $1 USD. If the trading price of CNS deviates from $1, the protocol works overtime to return it to equilibrium.

Centric provides stability

You are rewarded for holding CNR every hour

The exchange rate between CNS and CNR only increases. Every hour when the exchange rate changes, the value of CNR increases in relation to CNS. This means every hour 1 CNR is worth a little more CNS.

CNR value increases

This solves the mass-adoption problem

Today’s cryptocurrencies either suffer sudden price changes (eg. Bitcoin) or lack upside incentive to grow adoption (eg. Stablecoins). In Centric's unique economy supply reacts to demand, balancing volatility while rewarding adoption.

Centric adoption

Use cases

Short Term

Investment Opportunity
To diversify cryptocurrency portfolios

Medium Term

Synthetic Stable
For use by select merchants and projects

Long Term

Breakthrough Payment Network
And a viable alternative to central-bank money