Investment opportunity to global currency

Get rewarded as the Centric Rise token steadily increases in value each hour.

How Centric Works

Getting started is easy

Step 1

Purchase Centric Cash, available on major exchanges soon.

Step 2

Convert Centric Cash to Centric Rise at a fixed $1 USD peg.

Step 3

Hold Centric Rise and watch the value of your holdings increase every hour.

Step 4

Ready to cash out? Convert Centric Rise to Centric Cash to sell on exchanges.

Hold, Transact, Buy, Sell. Centric Rise is a cryptocurrency designed as a reliable store of value and a stable medium of exchange. It trades at predetermined value made possible by its hyper-scalable deflationary system. Learn more.


Current Value (USD)

The value of Centric Rise increases hourly. Launch is approacing shorlty, learn more here.


Riseโ€™s value is published up to one year in advance. This reliability unlocks endless possibilities.

Listed on leading exchanges around the world, Centric Cash provides liquidity on demand for Centric Rise holders. Learn more.

Rise Buyers

Centric Cash converts to Centric Rise at a fixed $1 USD peg.

Rise Sellers

Instantly convert Centric Rise to Centric Cash to access liquidity.

A new class of crypto wallet

Securely store Centric on the best wallet in the industry.

  • Easily track the value of your Centric portfolio
  • Seamlessly convert from Centric Cash to Centric Rise
  • Military-grade security with 256-bit encryption
  • 24/7 Customer Support

Our Customers Love Us

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Centric in the Media

Centric is simply a payment network and a reliable store of value.

With a vision to Introduce a simple solution to financial freedom

Centric announces launch with a new dual economic model to help drive blockchain mass adoption

Centric Rise launches with a new technology to bring alternatives to cryptocurrency investing

History is in the making as Centric gets set to launch a new decentralized dual token model

Centric launches new dual token economic model to limit industry volatility

Centric Rise launches with a new technology to bring alternative to cryptocurrency investing

Learn how Centric works

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