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Centric’s goal is simple, to be the breakthrough digital currency - widely accepted globally.

Getting started is easy

Step 1. Buy Centric Cash
Buy Centric Cash (CNS) online from these exchanges.
Convert CNS to Centric Rise (CNR) following the convert guide.
Step 3. Hold Centric Rise
Hold CNR and watch its value increase every hour.

Centric's Dual-Token Economy

Today’s digital currencies have struggled to achieve mass adoption and retention, either they suffer sudden price changes (think Bitcoin) or lack upside incentive to grow (think Stablecoins).

To balance these shortcomings we designed Centric, a dual-token digital currency and decentralized blockchain protocol. Centric’s dual-token model self-regulates token supply to meet ongoing changes in demand and creates the conditions for a Synthetic Stable currency.

Learn how it works by reading the Centric Basics guide.

Centric Rise Example

Centric Rise (CNR) is designed for holding. Every hour you are rewarded with a small compounding increase in value. It provides the stability required to drive widespread utility and adoption.

Current Value (USD)

The value of CNR is enforced by the Centric protocol and increases hourly.


The supply of CNR reduces hourly to offset the sustainability of its value increase.

Centric Cash (CNS) is designed as the on/off-ramp for the Centric economy. Listed on leading exchanges around the world, it provides access to CNR along with liquidity.

Fixed Exchange Rate

CNR converts to CNS at a fixed $1 USD peg.

Synthetic Stable

Each CNS in circulation requires $1 USD of CNR to be held as security.

Native Tools

  • Convert
  • Decentralized Application
  • Censorship Resistant
  • Send > Receive > Convert
  • User Friendly, Secure
  • Centric Native Experience
  • Free Transactions
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Transaction Histories
  • Token Balances
  • Token Metrics
  • Token Holders
  • Burn History

Centric Users Love It

Centric is the world’s first dual-cryptocurrency payment network. Its innovative and unique concept is engineered to achieve breakthrough as a reliable form of payment.  @JoinCentricApp
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One of the most underrated teams in the crypto world #Centric@JoinCentricApp



Centric in the Media

Centric is simply a payment network and a reliable store of value.

Yahoo News

Centric hopes to establish the first digital currency that brings financial freedom to areas without access to traditional banking.

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How Centric Plans to Transform the Face of Cryptocurrency


It is time to usher in new economic and monetary innovation.

Yahoo Finance - Centric Crypto

Centric announces launch with a new dual economic model to help drive blockchain mass adoption

startup fortune

History is in the making as Centric gets set to launch a new decentralized dual token model


Centric launches new dual token economic model to limit industry volatility

Yahoo Finance - Centric Crypto

Centric Rise launches with a new technology to bring alternative to cryptocurrency investing


Learn how Centric works

Centric Video Background
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Where can I get Centric?

You can get started by purchasing Centric Cash (CNS) from one of the following exchanges.